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1. I/we am/are looking for: Desktop Laptop Notebook Other*
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2. Purpose: Home Office Presentation Entertainment Gaming
3. Preferred configuration (if any):
  Traditional Celeron Pentium Dual Core Quad Core
  Generation Next 2nd Generation - i3 i5 i7
  Current 3rd Generation - i3 i5 i7
  Most Advanced 4th Generation - i3 i5 i7
  Motherboard Genuine (recommended) Compatible
  Memory (RAM) 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB and above
  Hard Disk < 500GB 500- 1000GB 1TB and above
  Graphics Card required preferred not required
  Monitor (for desktop) 15" LCD 15" LED 19" LCD 19" LED
4. Other requirements (if any):
5. My/ our contact details:
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